New products that caught your eyes recently?

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I'm having the new Chobani Flip hazelnut as we speak. Totally yum and worth the 250 calories (if you're like me and love hazelnut anything), although it will definitely be a 'once in a while' thing. Also got the limited edition Cinnamon Bun Yoplait Greek and the new Simply Chobani double chocolate chunk yogurts waiting in my fridge. I had the raspberry chocolate light and fit Greek last week for the first time too and it's not bad at all (might not be new though, I just don't remember seeing it before).

Has anyone noticed any new interesting product recently?


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    I've been on a bit of a protein hype the past few weeks and was really looking around for some good bars and found Quest Bars, I bought the 'Cookies and Cream' and 'Double Chocolate Chunk'. They're horrible, they taste like artificial sweetener and salt, and I can never stomach more than half a bar in one sitting, I've found that they're more palatable when cold, although that means they're harsh on your teeth. But despite all that, they're really good for you, and not a bad (even if horrid tasting) filling snack for on the go.

    I'm interested in trying the Quest Protein chips though, and have bought some BBQ flavoured ones which I'm still waiting on in the post. Fingers crossed they taste better than the bars, and also better than 'Protein Bites' by Novo which carry a very strange taste regardless of flavour.

    I love Quest bars, well at least those flavors, but I always microwave them for 15 seconds. Yum. I like the Quest chips a lot too, but I didn't like the BBQ ones as much as the other ones (haven't tried the salt and vinegar ones).

    Don't bother with the Salt & Vinegar. I was SOOOO disappointed, I haven't even tried the other flavors.