new chapter new me

So I am trying this app became someone told me about it. I am the heaviest I have ever been in my whole life which is 230 pounds. I am not happy about it honestly I am quite depressed about it. I want this time time to be different then the rest of the time I have started and gave up because I had one bad say.


  • ahokay89
    ahokay89 Posts: 353
    I am right there with Ya! I am at my heaviest now and just hate it..but I'm working on it and feeling good!

    Good luck! Let's do this!
  • nakizzie
    nakizzie Posts: 8 Member
    @kayliframing‌ and @ahokay89‌- Im with both of you. I'm at my heaviest and I hate getting dressed. Nothing fits me right anymore. Ugh! Tired of being frustrated. I need my sexy back.

    Add me, perhaps we can all support one another. Cheers.