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What do you do when you are board and finding yourself wanting to eat things even if you are not hungry?


  • SusanUW83
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    Happens all the time for me.... either find something else to do that makes you forget about food... or have a stash of something you find satisfying but you won't binge on. For me it was high fiber/low carb bread with a little jam, or latest is sweet potato with a little spicy/sweet sauce added, or greek yogurt. Unlike other sweets or high carb food, I don't find myself wanting to binge on it.
  • Presleykay22
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    Thank you for the advice. I will have to keep that in mind!
  • Jumanji9700
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    I've NEVER liked nuts prior to this, but have found eating a handful of almonds helps when I get bored and "fake" hungry.