Lunch Hour workout?

Does anyone here work out on their lunch hour? The gym is only 10 mins from me so I'm thinking I could get a good 25-30 minutes in but was unsure if it was a good idea or not.... thoughts?


  • Cardio4Cupcakes
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    I know a lot of people workout during their lunch breaks but I just can't get into it. Maybe it's laziness but having to get ready AGAIN and I get all sweaty and traffic and just no. On a nice day I'll walk down to a Jeep dealer and come back which is like 3 miles or so. But I wouldn't drive anywhere. I'd rather get a full workout in before or after work.
  • arditarose
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    Why wouldn't it be a good idea? If my gym was close/within walking distance to work, you bet I'd be in there (I have long lunch breaks).
  • joolsmd
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    I used to have a gym at my workplace so was there every lunch break. Unfortunately now I have moved jobs I've lost that benefit. Just bear in mind you'll need to factor in a shower, or you may become unpopular with your workmates :)
  • Spaniel5
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    I love the lunch time workout. I too use that time. I can get a solid 30 minutes in. I have mastered the 5 minute shower. Eat at my desk when I get back. No time taken away from the family in the evenings.
  • arditarose
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    joolsmd wrote: »
    I used to have a gym at my workplace so was there every lunch break. Unfortunately now I have moved jobs I've lost that benefit. Just bear in mind you'll need to factor in a shower, or you may become unpopular with your workmates :)

    Shower shmower. Deodorant, dry shampoo, towel.
  • PAtinCO
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    I do my workouts after work but I do go on a 3-4 mile walk every day for lunch too. I just have a small snack a few times a day at my desk for food instead of eating a lunch.
  • Codilee87
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    I've never had a lunch break that would accomodate a full-length workout but I used to walk a few laps around the block after I ate just to clear my head and stretch my legs.
  • goddessofawesome
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    I used to have a fitness center where I worked and did aerobic classes at noon a couple times a week for my cardio. It was quite convenient. I also showered afterwards (sorry but I just can't see doing a quick wipe down after sweating my butt off for an hour. That's just gross and just because I can't smell myself doesn't mean I don't stink!). Anyway, for me it was a good way to get my workout in. There were no excuses NOT to workout when the place was two floors down in the building where I worked.

    I say try it and see how it goes. If you find that you're crunched on time talk to your boss and see if you were to come in a little earlier if s/he would give you some leeway on taking a longer lunch. On the days that I didn't do a class I'd take a later lunch and basically knock off an hour early to hit the gym then go home. I also came in an hour (or more) early daily to compensate for the time.
  • jacksonpt
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    I do... it's pretty much the only time I can guarantee an regular workout. 30 minutes is plenty.
  • sbooski
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    jacksonpt wrote: »
    I do... it's pretty much the only time I can guarantee an regular workout. 30 minutes is plenty.

    I am thinking this is going to be the only way for me as well... babysitters are expensive and unreliable. I also didn't realize how close one of the gym's was to me! I think i'm going to give it a test run tomorrow and see how it goes! Thanks for all the input guys! :blush:
  • jocey517
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    I do it every day - it's the only way i can fit in a consistent workout between working full time and then my baby girl at night. Mine is across the street but my colleague has one she drives too that 5-10 minutes away. to be honest it's been great. i really have learned to push myself too in the 35 minutes I have to make the most out of each minute. It's definitely worth it and I'd say try it for at least 2 weeks - it took a little bit to get into a good grove and at first I missed the "down time" i got on my lunch break but now I miss my endorphin's if I don't make have fun:)
  • AllanMisner
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    When I was working out at lunch, I asked my boss if I could extend my lunch hour to 90 minutes and leave for the day 30 minutes later. This gave me the 5 minutes to get there and 20 minutes to shower and get back to my office after, without being time pressured while I was in the gym. Never hurts to ask.
  • kimekakes28
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    I workout during my lunch hour in my office gym. I do about 15 minutes on treadmill and about 20 minutes on some strength/weight training. A quick shower and I'm back upstairs. This helps during the winter months when I am less than motivated to leave the house once I get home in the evening LOL
  • piperdown44
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    Weight room where I work. Less than a min to walk over.
    Lift heavy for 45 mins, quick shower and back at the office.
  • JustWant2Run
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    I used to run on my lunch break... But I can't run more than 4 miles, and it's not enough for me at this point. I really miss it! Especially in the winter, since it means daylight/sun!
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    When I'm in the office, I workout in my office on my lunch hour and breaks. I just shut the door and pop in a low impact DVD. Currently I am doing some ofthe Brazil Butt Lift and Zumba workouts. I get pretty sweaty, but I just rock the sweat in order to have my evenings free.
  • TwinkieDong
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    I am a guy I dont worry about the sweat and getting ready again like mentioned above. YES, ABSOLUTELY I think it is a great idea. I workout during lunch daily. They do sell dry shampoo, a spray deodorant, perfume if you want to skip the shower.
  • cwolfman13
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    I usually ride 15 - 20 miles everyday at lunch unless I have a meeting or something.
  • I have a health club in the building where I work so I go at lunch everyday. I do strength training M - Th and spin class on F. There is an outdoor track also so when it's nice out I will run some days. I don't shower, just towel off and put on some deodorant and body spray. I get in about 50 minutes everyday. It's so nice to have a break in the middle of the day, and it doesn't take any time away from my family.
  • k_stump_13
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    I am so beyond excited about this! Since I go to the gym for an hour and a half/two hours after work I didn't really think about finding a gym near me. Turns out there's one 9 minutes away! At a previous job, we had a small workout room and I would use the stationary bike for 50 minutes everyday and that proved to be very helpful with my weight lose at the time. Too bad my lunch for today is over already because now I am pumped to do a lunch time workout!