So I am the type of person that if I don't work out one day I feel that all my hard work on being healthy and fit is gone. How can I over come that thinking?


  • Icandoityayme
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    Keep in mind that your body needs rest days to heal after all the work you have done. It doesn't mean sit on the couch and do nothing all day though. Instead of doing some vigorous cardio or heavy strength training, may do some yoga or go for a quick 15 minute walk. You are still doing something but not over exerting that day.
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    I do a lot of walking. (Soon will be doing a lot more). Even if I don't get a workout in during a given day, I always log my walking.
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    Go for an hour walk.
  • jstout365
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    Be rational in your expectations of fitness and health and remember:

    1. Rest days are in fact a necessary part of working out. Without rest, the body doesn't have a chance to recover and fitness can actually decrease.

    2. Much like the fact that you can't lose 50 lbs overnight, you won't get super fit and strong with just one workout. Fitness levels increase over time and consistency is key.

    3. Also, much like the fact that one day over calories won't damage long term weight loss, one or two days off from working out won't totally derail gains in fitness. Longer periods of inactivity will reduce fitness levels, but a day or two off won't set you back to the beginning. Also, if you do find that you are less active for a longer period of time, if you had been active and gaining in fitness, it is often easier to get back to that previous level after the break.
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    Thank you for all the advice I really appreciate it.