Recently Ive been drinking a lot of coffee. Like every other day I'll have a small Hazel nut Mocha with creme, no sugar. When I decide I want a coffee, I tell myself no, but then I want a coke. But I don't really want a diet soda cause of the crap in it. But I don't want a regular one either cause of all the sugar.
SO what is a healthy drink that isn't expensive and will satisfy my need for- caffeine- I'm assuming is what I'm craving?


  • caterpillardreams
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    Black coffee, There are also a variety of delicious black teas, chai tea. So many options, I love coffee as well. Green tea is also good and good for you.
  • lemurcat12
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    If you don't mind the caffeine, black coffee or tea (there are fruitier herbal teas, too).
  • prattiger65
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  • HeySwoleSister
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    Giving up caffeine cold turkey is a recipe for a migrane. Try black coffee or tea. I can pass on coffee if I have a nice big mug of good-quality Earl Grey or Constant Comment or even Adagio Tardis fandom blend tea. Yummy. Calorie free. MOAR