calorie estimation skills?

I need help estimating how many calories I ate when I went out to Indian food today but I have very little information as to what I ate because my friends ordered for me.

-6 regular spoonfuls of rich pea and potato dish

-4 regular spoonfuls of rich curry sauce

-8 pieces of chicken 1 inch cubes (coated in rich curry sauce)

-5 quarter circles of naan bread

-4 serving spoonfuls of rich long grain rice (jasmine?)

-1 very large bite of tandoori chicken

-1 chunk of goat


  • MissMormie
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    I'd keep it at a 1000 calories and leave it at that. One such a meal won't ruin your weight, so just continue eating healthy from here and you'll be fine. By writing down 1000 calories you can at least see that you had a big meal which is why you went over your calories for the day.
  • _Zardoz_
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    Without weights and recipes the calories could be anything. You'll just have to right it off.
  • lisaabenjamin
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    I usually log a recipe or food in the MFP database that is similar to what I ate at the restaurant. It's not accurate at all, but at least you can show in your diary that you had a big meal and take this into account.
  • I was thinking 2000 calories. It's the only thing I ate today. Is that way too high of an estimate?
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  • trisH_7183
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    This might help.I think the 1000 calories would be close.Don't starve yourself today.Just eat what works for you & move on.We all learn lessons as we learn a healthy way of eating.Perfection is not the goal. JMO