Motivation Please!

been slacking on the motivation! I have been over eating too much :( would like to be accountable for it and would like some new friends to add for that extra push


  • Hvmattoon
    Hvmattoon Posts: 2 Member
    I need motivation & support too. I've decided now is the time to get healthy. My biggest obstacle is to stop drinking my calories (I love beer, but I'm giving it up). Add me if you'd like & we can help keep each other in check.
  • AFettes21
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    I just posted something fairly similar! Feel free to add me!!
  • vickierivero1
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    You all can add me! Just know that if you think you can, then you will! You have to set your mind to it. I think it is more mental than anything. Just set your mind to it and get it done. I start over every day. I do my very best each day. That is all that we can do. Push yourself, do your best and at the end of the day you can rest knowing that progress will show. Then when you wake up do it again... Push yourself and do your best! <3
  • Add me :)
  • Yo! Every time I feel like im about to break i take a step back, reevaluate myself and give myself a smaller, more "do-able" target. Keep that up and your main grand goal is completely in reach!
  • Also! Find someone to compete with! Aint no better motivation than wanting to win!!