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I want your opinion on sugar intake

lillia1227 Posts: 2 Member
edited February 2015 in Food and Nutrition
I find myself furious for some reason, as I am always always always over my sugar intake under the new 25 g recommendation. I don't drink soda eat cookies etc. my sugar intake stems from sugar in my consumption of natural sources as in apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, oranges, etc. I read that 25 g includes naturally occurring sugar. And I simply find rhis number too low and refuse to stop eating nutritious fruits and veggies and lead an unhealthy diet. What's your take on it?


  • sarbear112084
    sarbear112084 Posts: 19 Member
    Is it coming from added sugar? Or foods that naturally have sugar?
  • Mr_Knight
    Mr_Knight Posts: 9,532 Member
    Why is this a problem?
  • ForecasterJason
    ForecasterJason Posts: 2,577 Member
    How many grams of sugar are you eating and what is your general calorie intake?
  • SuggaD
    SuggaD Posts: 1,369 Member
    I'm always over. So I now ignore it. Almost all of it is from foods that naturally have sugar. Like I'll log my egg whites for breakfast, and bam, sugar. So ignore it unless its a lot of added sugar or you are a diabetic.
  • flamingblades
    flamingblades Posts: 311 Member
    I use food low on the glycemic scale, since I am type 2 diabetic. Try to avoid processed foods when you can. It takes some getting used to. Watch your dairy consumption, and use wisdom when portioning fruit, and avoid canned veggies and canned fruit. Your body runs best on fresh, "live" food like fresh veggies and high protein stuff. Good luck. :D
  • diannethegeek
    diannethegeek Posts: 14,776 Member
    I'm over by breakfast most days. For what it's worth, MFP's sugar goal is based on the recommendations for added sugars, but they don't separate added vs. natural sugars in their totals. It's a fairly low goal and very easy to go over. I track carbs and fiber and ignore the sugar totals, myself.

    There are three or four raging sugar debates happening on the forums today, so if you're looking for more information you might check those out.
  • miriamtob
    miriamtob Posts: 436 Member
    Fruit is really high in sugar, so are root veggies. Unless you are trying to be in ketosis or have blood sugar issues, it shouldn't be a problem, so long as you are eating real food! You can always change the goal number once you find what works for you.
  • aplcr0331
    aplcr0331 Posts: 186 Member
    I thought this was only a problem if you were diabetic?
  • Need2Exerc1se
    Need2Exerc1se Posts: 13,575 Member
    edited February 2015
    25g or 5% of total intake is the WHO recommendation for sugar (natural or added) intake.

    It makes sense that MFP would use this as their recommendation. It doesn't make sense to get furious over a general recommendation. If you don't want to follow the recommendation, then don't. Change it manually, or don't track sugar. Easy peasy.