Helping my husband gain weight



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    I'm a nurse, so I work with patients who either can't eat or have difficulty keeping on weight. Now you said he does NOT have a sweet tooth, but they have these liquid nutritional supplements made by Nestle. You can get drinks called Ensure or Boost. These drinks come in cans or cartons. They can be bought at your local supermarket or online for bulk. Another company is called Resource and they make drinks that are loaded with calories. They do NOT have to be refridgerated, so he can take them wherever he goes and literally just drink them. Although I personally think they taste better cold.
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    Hey guys!

    I just got married 6 months ago and after the honeymoon, parties and dinner invitations me and my husband are getting back into our normal lives.

    My husband is naturally a skinny guy. He has a small appetite and refuses to eat after he is full. He doesn't even have a sweet tooth and hates chocolate (weird, right!?) Problem is it worries me a lot because he works on his feet 10 hours a day as a butcher, which requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength and energy. I worry he doesn't get in enough nutrients and calories. He is 5"11 and weights 65kg (143lbs) but I (and he) would like to get up to at least 70kg.

    For breakfast, he always wakes up with 15 minutes to be out the door in so I usually make him a chicken or egg sandwich with dates to have on his walk to work. His lunch is cooked at work which is usually lamb, chicken, beef or fish with pita breads. For dinner I tend to cook curries or rice because he is Pakistani and likes that food and before bed he has a fruit salad. I would assume that his daily caloric intake is about 2000-2500 and based on TDEE calculators, he should be eating above 3000 to MAINTAIN.

    Any tips on how I could up his calorie intake? I've mostly been trying to limit my calorie intake so this is such a challenge for me!

    I wish I could help but I'm kind of in the same boat.

    My husband is tall and very lean, but he also has a tremendous appetite and has been actively trying to gain weight since he was 18-19 yrs old. He wants to gain 15-20lbs. The problem is, its seems like the more he eats the faster his metabolism burns it off. He's the kind of person who can eat triple heaping servings of Christmas dinner plus a whole pie and various snacks and desserts then step on the scale the next morning and have lost 3lbs.

    He always eats second or third helpings of every meal, I send him large lunches plus he eats pizza and baked goods at work most days. All of our meals contain a large amount of lean protein - often deer or moose that he shot himself. He drinks fruit juice, chocolate milk and pop every day (no alcohol). He goes through a huge bag of protein powder every 2-3 months. He lifts weights about 4-5 nights a week but doesn't do a lot of cardio.

    I definitely do everything I can to help him, and have suggested he join MFP but he hates the internet/social networking/etc so that was a no-go. I told him that I would handle the logging if he found it to be too much of a hassle, I already do all of the cooking, shopping and meal-planning anyway so it wouldn't be an inconvenience for me.