65 yo - pre-diabetic, doc just said "low carbs"!

Am pre-diabetic with A1C reading of 5.8 (on 2000 mg of metformin) - Am 193 pounds, 5'4", and need to redo my eating. How "low" should a low carb diet be? Any suggestions? Need to lose the weight to reduce pain in knees from arthritis and to postpone needed knee replacement surgery. Any suggestions to offer from your success?


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    I have just started the low carb living myself. It seems to be working well for me, if I add a little extra healthy fats and protein. I have my carbs set to 60 or under, but try and keep it below 50. For your purpose, you would probably be fine with 80-100net carbs a day and go from there. If you just cut out the processed stuff, bread, pasta, starchy vegetables and sugar for the most part you will go a long way towards feeling better. I have lost some weight so far, but what has surprised me is that I am much less bloated feeling. Anyway, you can also look up diabetic diet guidelines on the internet for a place to start. Good luck!!!
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    I am on a Paleo diet which is nearly zero carbs and high fat and protein. I try to keep my carbs under 50 but like the above post- under 100 is considered low carb. My dr suggested this type of diet a couple months ago and I've lost a pound a day by eating this way. Perhaps you can look into paleo it may be very beneficial for you. I too am pre diabetic and have been placed on metphormin and a thyroid medication. Feel free to add me if u have any questions. Best of luck to you
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    Look at the American Diabetic website. To make it easy, stop eating everything you like, and replace it with deli turkey.
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    Jess -do you mean 1 pound a week? or a DAY? as you said.

    Gerrie- please do research on Ketogenic diets, and LCHF. There are seveal good books,lots of free info and great recipes online. and only YOU can determine if 50 or 100 carbs a day works for you. This is simple to do, but it has some science.

    You MUST stick to low carbs for 2-3 weeks before your body catches on. You also must get used to eating butter, marbled meats, avocado, nuts. BUT you must skip any crackers, breads, cereals, milk, and MOST fruits and all candy of course.

    I have scrambled eggsin butter, with bacon, and a berry shake made with almond milk ( 1 carb-30 calories)…you will feel very satisfied and not hungry because you ARE eating good fats.

    PLEASE do your research, learn for yourself. MY biggest surprise was putting cups of chopped Kale into my shake..you do not taste it, and it makes it thick…yopu rally do not suffer at all on this diet…once yopu commit to the first 2 weeks of ;different; eating.

    I am also 65, 5' 1", over 200# and slowed down by car accident…I dropped 7 pounds in 12 days after the first 2 weeks of adjusting to low carbs. I walk, using a and, every day for 20-30 minutes, just for mobility, and I know this works for me..I hope it does for you too!

    see www.drberg.com about the berry kale shakes- free info
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    Hi - I started out in late August with an A1C of 6.9. I took my carbs down to 60 per day and even more important, no more than 20 at any meal. In November my A1C was already down to 6.0. The diabetic educator told me I could still be fine with increasing to 30 grams of carbs per meal, and I keep it to 90 total per day.

    My next A1C is in March so I hope to be even lower; we'll see. I am exercising daily (very important also) and am not on any medication. I'm 5'3" ... In August I weighed 226 and this morning I weighed 161.5.