What's YOUR weakness when it comes to the opposite gender?



  • RunHardBeStrong
    RunHardBeStrong Posts: 33,073 Member
    1. She must have all limbs and appendages (not a deal breaker)
    2. She must shave her armpits
    3. Top 5 speed dial numbers are for take out
    4. Must have more the one brother so she is desensitized of certain guy tendencies. One of which must own a truck for when I need to borrow a truck.
    5. She must know how to do an oil change (non negotiable)

    Oh man I was so close

    It was number 2, wasn't it?
  • WhereIsPJSoles
    WhereIsPJSoles Posts: 622 Member
    By change your own oil do you mean...drive to wal mart and give them money or....
  • mikeb4bjj
    mikeb4bjj Posts: 317 Member
    Hands that are big enough to fit around my neck.

    This might be the hottest thing ever written on this board.
  • eccomi_qui
    eccomi_qui Posts: 1,831 Member
    Someone whose idea of romance is telling me to tell my boss to let me text more during meetings
  • poetic_cell
    poetic_cell Posts: 772 Member
    Must have a placebo effect on me. Disinfects my exit wounds.

    Understands this reference - deal breaker
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
    Mr_Healthy_Habits Posts: 12,587 Member
    The kind of woman I'm likely to regret having ever met
  • VanishingNachos
    VanishingNachos Posts: 5,688 Member
    bewbiez - yeah, I'm shallow like that~ so sue me~