What's YOUR weakness when it comes to the opposite gender?



  • ninerbuff
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    The urge to say something when something can be obviously fixed by them just adjusting their attitude a bit.

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  • rugratz2015
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    _unsteady_ wrote: »
    _unsteady_ wrote: »
    Fast hands, fast car and a fat wallet :wink:

    What if it's full of receipts? Is it still cool?

    Yep - it proves he's liquid enough to pay for things, even if it's only in plastic :wink:

    I meant to say unpaid layaway receipts

    Do places still do that? - Nope.
  • Mike_take2
    Mike_take2 Posts: 2,150 Member
    A pulse...( well a nice bootay and legs helps, too
  • tenwolves13
    tenwolves13 Posts: 5 Member
    Legs, feet and eyes. Weird combo I guess.. lol..
  • Oxytocin_Panda
    Oxytocin_Panda Posts: 464 Member
    Physically: Eyes, calves..and the place where the pelvic muscles taper in
    Personality: Silly and loves to laugh but can have meaningful conversations
  • benn1709
    benn1709 Posts: 3 Member
    Smile. Shows the heart.
  • sabrina_dolce
    sabrina_dolce Posts: 968 Member
    A man's eyes, smile and jawline
  • CoffeeNBooze
    CoffeeNBooze Posts: 973 Member
    combo of face + height
  • I like a man who has all his teeth :#
  • ravenskye0123
    ravenskye0123 Posts: 7 Member
    I like slightly nerdy guys, with nice eyes and a nice voice. (:
  • synchkat
    synchkat Posts: 37,369 Member
    A sexy butt, nice arms and a cocky attitude but kinda fun at the same time
  • profilce
    profilce Posts: 54 Member
    Blue eyes, good perfume, the way he talks and walks and just do things! o:)
  • jeepenjimmy
    jeepenjimmy Posts: 31 Member
    Eyes and a nice smile get me every time.
  • G085H173
    G085H173 Posts: 516 Member
    A pulse is a prerequisite- after that, curves in all the right places
  • Charlotte318
    Charlotte318 Posts: 37 Member
    Eyes are definitely what I notice first. It may even just be the way that person looks at me.
  • FLBlackMax
    FLBlackMax Posts: 1,283 Member
    Individuality - someone who embraces their uniqueness and not striving to be just like every other woman out there. Has to be able to carry a conversation and I enjoy if shes funny or atleast laughs at my jokes lol.
    Oh- and a fat butt and a good smile. Like all men, a woman I can to a business dinner before shes all business in the bedroom.
  • JeffreyOC
    JeffreyOC Posts: 810 Member
    A woman with low standards and poor eyesight gets my hopes up.
  • ssheets32
    ssheets32 Posts: 41 Member
    Eyes and kiss are my weakness
  • velocityc6
    velocityc6 Posts: 2,137 Member
    Eyes and smile