How many times have you re-started your "diet?"

SonyaCele Posts: 2,841 Member
long term and consistancy is key. I've restarted about 5 times over the course of my life. always that roller coaster! what worked best for me was just finding that well balanced diet and eating it every day and not even calling it a diet, but rather just calling it life.


  • TinaGA2015
    TinaGA2015 Posts: 83 Member
    Seems like my whole life! Crazy huh? You are right about consistancy
  • toofatnomore
    toofatnomore Posts: 206 Member
    About every 3rd year since my early 30's. I'm 51. This is the longest (and most lbs lost) in a long time. The baffling thing is how AMAZING and energetic I feel while eating well and exercising, only to abandon it eventually.
  • Laurend224
    Laurend224 Posts: 1,748 Member
    Since starting Meridia @ 1998. It was a prescription anorectic, they took it off market in 2010. Since then I have gained and lost the same stupid 80 lbs about 4 times.

    This time I'm doing it with no pills, potions, or fads. This time it's for keeps.
  • aplcr0331
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    Was always skinny growing up. Got out of the Marine Corps at age 33 and gained 30lbs. Lost those 30lbs on South Beach in 2005. Gained back 97lbs over the next ten years, didn't try any sort of diet obviously.

    Down 18.8 in the past 36 days with MFP and walking 6 days a week. Never dieting again, just logging and walking (disabled vet cannot run anymore have to walk but I like walking a lot).

    This feels real and permanent.