Twinge in arm... from driving?

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Noticed a twinge in my right arm a while ago.
Irksome as it turned up on my 'big three day' (most annoying for bench press.)

Finally connected it to having spent a lot of time in my Vito Van the day before, after wondering if I had just slept on it funny or something.

Had a fair bit of driving to do yesterday - 12 hours on the road or so - and made sure both arms were in the same position, rather than my right leant on a bit of a door (in the UK, so right hand drive.)
Thought I was ok this morning, but then noticed the same twinge in my upper arm a bit later on in the morning.

If it was my left arm, I could understand it as I've previously fractured little bit off the humerus head - it's still sticking up a little as far as I know, but hasn't caused me any issues in a long time.
Not done anything like that to my right arm as far as I know.

Any ideas?


  • Pearsquared
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    I'm guessing it's from the driving, assuming you don't have driving days like that on a regular basis. As long as it doesn't get worse, it's probably fine just left alone, as annoying as it can be sometimes. o:
  • roxierachael
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    Tendinitis/Tennis elbow. Next time, rest your elbows on a pillow.
  • ironanimal
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    Take ibuprofen and see if the pain goes away - could be something swollen, trapping a nerve or something.
  • pbrinnm
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    shoulder impingement? Happened to me doing assisted pull ups.
  • geebusuk
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    Yea, not TOO regular a thing generally Pearsquared - though I did another hour and a half in my van then the same again in a friend's van which we had just gone to buy (the insurance worked out ok for her to drive mine back and me to drive her new one back.)

    Hopefully get my lorry-motorhome back on the road soon and be using that for a couple of bigger trips.

    I don't think it's tennis elbow, I do wonder if I've got a tendinitis in my wrists after (hard, off road, etc) motorcycle riding, but that feels different to this.

    I only really notice the twinge at certain angles, so it doesn't really get in the way of most 'normal' life.

    I've used ibuprofen and other NSAIDs and never found them to be effective for me really in the past.

    I did do some weighted pullups the day before driving, but pretty sure I hadn't been the previous time (though possible I had around that time, maybe a combination of that, then driving.) Only on 12.5kg, so not a massive weight there.
    [edit- scratch that, it was a good few days before I just realised - did squat, dips and power clean the day before.]

    Cheers for the thoughts all.
  • geebusuk
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    Just looking at shoulder impingement, think this sounds about right - and similarly matches the feelings of my other shoulder when I did that one in.

    I have been getting some upper back issues too, which makes sense from the bits I've just read - suspect I should work on my posture in, well, most things!