High Protein Meal Ideas

So I totally caved today and had pizza for lunch. There may have also been garlic knots. Not a huge amount, it still fit in my meal calories but my macros for the day were pretty much shot. All carbs, very little protein. I needed 71 more grams of protein to save it.

I figured I wouldn't be able to do it in one meal but I did! And I thought it'd be a nice idea to all post high protein meal ideas to help us hit our macros?

What I ate was: two grilled chicken breasts (with sweet potato chips), turkey jerky, and a microwaved double chocolate Quest protein bar, for a *perfect* total of 71g of protein and still fit within my calories for the day. A little weird of a meal, but Quest bars taste as good as dessert when they're all melty and chocolatey, so good enough.

What are your high protein meal ideas?


  • segacs
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    Research suggests that the body can't absorb or 'use' more than about 30g of protein at a time. The rest is metabolized into glucose and used as energy. That's why bodybuilders who take in a lot of protein try to spread it among several smaller meals rather than fewer bigger meals.

    I know some people like them but I'm not much of a fan of protein bars, shakes or powders. Personally, if there's a day when my macros are shot, well, so be it. Life happens. Pizza and garlic bread happens. Overall I eat fairly balanced, so I don't stress too much about it.

    Having said that, chicken breast does give good protein bang for buck.