Hi, so I have reached my goal weight and feel wonderful, I am super active and exercise vigorously 1-2 hr per day. However, my husband and I are now trying to conceive (for the first time) and although my life long dream is to be a mother, I am struggling with a few issues:
1. My doctor wants me to exercise less and gain at least 5 lbs to improve my chances of successful conception and healthy pregnancy... I have been having a difficult time doing this after working so hard to achieve and maintain weight loss.
2. I am scared about the changes my body will go through when pregnant.
3. I am scared about getting back in shape after childbirth, because it was hard enough the first time and I can't imagine how difficult it will be with a baby, sleep deprived and going back to work.
4. I feel guilty that I am worried about this and having difficulty with gaining weight and stopping exercise, because ultimately having a baby and a healthy baby is all that matters, but I can't seem to get the weight/body change issues out of my head. In all honesty I actually lost a few pounds when my doctor first told me to gain weight because I got so nervous about the thought.
5. Any advice is appreciated, my husband and I have wanted to have children for a while now.
6. Thanks.


  • Eat healthy and everything is going to be fine. Don't eat junkfood. It's not healty for you and not healthy for your baby when you are pregnant. Don't think about your weight to much. It will causes stress and thats what you don't need when you want to be pregnant.
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    I understand your concern about gaining weight during your pregnancy and losing it after, but it sounds borderline obsessive. You need to work on that mentality before deciding to get pregnant. You will gain, you will have to work after to lose it. If you aren't prepared for that, you aren't ready to be pregnant.
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    ^ right

    Doctor only recommended, if your healthy then great it's just a recommendation.

    Don't worry about baby weight you will be fine you know what to do and how to do it.

    Besides I am sure you have a good support network of friends it's always good to take "me time" and if that involves extra sleep or perhaps a workout after the event do it.

    When you do fall pregnant just make sure your getting all the right nutrients recommended by your health advisor you don't have to turn into a sweet/candy monster just because your pregnant but even if you do why not it's only 9 months right?

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    1. Are you at an underweight BMI? Have you been having problems conceiving?

    2. You are growing a person inside your body. It is scary. However people have been doing it successfully for millions of years. Take care of yourself, see your doctor as scheduled and the risks are minimal.

    3. It will be difficult but not impossible. Give yourself a FULL YEAR. Do not expect results within the first few months.

    4. No, it's not "all that matters". You are a person too. You have the right to have fears and feelings. You are allowed to continue putting some priority on yourself after you become a mother. However if you really feel that your thoughts regarding weight gain and exercise are unhealthy (and they sound like they might be) talk to your doctor about getting some therapy.

    5. Have sex every other day starting about 10 days after the 1st day of your period and continue until day 17. Don't get out of bed immediately following sex.
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    Well, inevitably you will gain weight when you get pregnant - so if your doctor thinks you need to gain a few pounds beforehand to help your chances, just do it. I will speak to your #2 and #3 from personal experience - it will be FINE! If you are already a weight-conscious person, like I am and was before my daughter came along, and you only gain a reasonable amount of pregnancy weight - then it will come off with good diet and exercise. Your body may change a little, but I doubt anyone but you would even notice - and I'm in better shape physically now than I ever was before. Good luck with everything!