My 12 year transformation journey

Hey everyone! I feel extremely blessed that my journey, which started 12 years ago, is still going strong and my hope is to continue to pay it forward to help others. I am 4'11 weighed close to 200 lbs. and current have mantained a 114-117 weight for now 12 years. I read many of your stories, and feel your pain and frustration. Even accomplishing what I have, it still is a daily mindful process. I was not blessed with good genetic genes, I got the overweight genes. I do workout five days a week, log my food and help coach in the world of fitness.

My foods are all Paleo as I also deal with thyroid issues and gluten intolerance which makes it even more challenging. I am here to share it CAN be done, but it takes patience and dedication. I am not on a "diet" rather I am maintaining my lifestyle change on a daily basis. I suffer from many of the same issues, bloating, water weight gain, etc. that many of you do but I put those issues aside and just focus on continuing on my journey.

I post almost daily on IG my meal ideas which are generally 1/2 vegtables, 1/4 protein and 1/4 healthy fat. You can find me sandiiholder for meal ideas, and also read my transformation story.

I realize I can't help everyone, but I am hoping that my story bring some inspiration your way. I started my journey later in life...and to me age is just a number. t is never too late to start! I have achieved goals I never imagined, and wake up each day excited to start the day with a trip to the gym, a run, walk or whatever I can do outdoors. I hope you enjoy my story and to those starting, have started, or in maintenance good job! I love sharing and helping, so feel free to comment.


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    Thank you for sharing. I am looking into starting a paleo style lifestyle. I have been eating pretty well, but I have noticed that I am not losing any inches on my waist. I have had three kids and I am 32.
    Anyways you look amazing. you look like you are in your late 30's early 40's .

    great job. ANd you have inspired me.