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Fitbit aria

Does anyone have the Fitbit aria or other wifi scale? Do you like it? Worth the money?


  • JannahMM
    JannahMM Posts: 23 Member
    I'm just doing a search to find out the exact same thing! I think i will take the gamble and just buy one today. :)
  • jace0828
    jace0828 Posts: 12 Member
    I want to get it so bad...hsn has it on payment plan and it's one of my reward for my mini goals which have hit so, I'm getting it
  • Azexas
    Azexas Posts: 4,334 Member
    I have one. It's pretty nice. The body fat percentage seems to to be hit or miss. I can get a reading and then step back on and get a completely different. The automatic uploads to the fitbit website are pretty nice.
  • PacificLotus
    PacificLotus Posts: 83 Member
    I've got the Aria. It's ok - auto sync is convenient, and although the body fat % may not always be accurate (too many things can interfere with it), it's nice to see the trend - I'd be worried if I lost weight and not fat! Mine was a gift - not sure I'd spend the money on it myself.