Fitness Bender 1000 Calorie Workout

I've been using Fitness blender workouts for a while now, but this is the first time I've attempted any video longer than 40 minutes. Every muscle is like jelly, but I'm stupidly proud of myself! Just interested to see if anyone else has attempted one of these workouts? I feel I need a support group after that workout!


  • flabassmcgee
    flabassmcgee Posts: 659 Member
    I attempted that one. Made it 15 minutes! I'd like to try again sometime.
  • SrMaggalicious
    SrMaggalicious Posts: 495 Member
    I love their vids...great routines...makes sure you're feeding that taxed body post-workout...tons of fluids, especially if you sweat like a racehorse, like I do... :s
  • birdhuntrs
    birdhuntrs Posts: 2 Member
    I saw the fitness blender website. How do you use it, what do you like about it? It doesn't sync with MFP diary does it? Is their plenty of variety and hard workouts?
  • jenfran89
    jenfran89 Posts: 26 Member
    It doesn't sync no, but it does give a rough calorie count. I love them, they have such a wide range of work outs, with varying styles, lengths, muscle groups etc. I tend to get bored following programs that are repetitive, but I love being able to mix it up, and choose myself a different workout every day. definitely recommend
  • AnishaLikesPizza
    AnishaLikesPizza Posts: 48 Member
    I did the 1000 calorie total body workout last night OMG soo sore