What is in your gym bag?

I am new to working out and we have a fitness room at my job. I have workout clothes and shoes. And hair ties. And ya know deodorant. I don't have a bag unless you count a grocery bag LOL

What type of bag do you use and what do you keep in it?


  • sfbaumgarten
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    Bag depends on whether I'm already dressed (tote) or changing out (duffel). At min, I pack tunes, headphones, water bottle, hand towel, weight lifting gloves, & HRM.
  • gemm30
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    i usually pinch my sons school sports bag,
    gym card,
    lip balm,
    chewing gum,
    spare headphones,
    pound coin (for lockers)
    50p for weighing scales.
    a notebook and pen (handy for when I change weights or anything)
    shower and hair wash if showering at gym. (I live right round the corner so most times go home)
    gloves for weight training.
    actually there seems to be more and more in there each week.
  • gamesandgains
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    If I'm not working out at home I bring clothes to change into, chalk, adi powers, versa gripps, music player, jay birds, deodorant.
  • Daiako
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    Face wipes
    Hand towel
    Water bottle
    Extra socks
    Extra ear buds
    Five bucks
  • 3dogsrunning
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    For the gym.
    I have a crappy duffel style bag. I really need a new one.

    Tank top
    Capri bottoms
    Bathing suit
    Swim cap (2)
    Googles (2)
    Flip flops
    Towel or two
    Makeup bag with face moisturizer, eye makeup remover and deodorant along with female products
    Another makeup bag with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer
    Hair dryer
    Hair brush
    Hair ties
    Gym pass
    Baby swim diaper
    Baby diaper

    I have a separate bag I keep for running clothes since I either run in the gym clothes above or I'm running outside and don't need to haul that all to the gym.
    I usually just throw it in a lulu lemon shopping bag.

    Winter tights
    Sports bra
    Wicking shirt
    Two or three warmer layers
    HRM strap

    To add - I get my workouts in when I can and live farther away from town so I always have a bag packed and in my car for times I am in town and can go. Sometimes I plan it but I also have to pack a baby up so it's easier to have it always ready.
    The gym is often just one of many stops.
  • yusaku02
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    gym shoes
    compression shorts
    mp3 player
    water bottle

    edit: had towel twice
  • usmcmp
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    I have two.

    The bag I take into work with shoes, bra, underwear, socks, tank top, pants, lotion, brush, deodorant and hair spray.

    The bag I take into the gym with lifting straps, chalk, dip belt, extra head phones, baby wipes, pen, log book and gum.
  • jenglish712
    jenglish712 Posts: 497 Member
    2 pair of shoes and a bottle of water.
  • shabaity
    shabaity Posts: 792 Member
    Mines an old carryon and I keep my boxing gloves mouth guard and inhaler
  • MB_Positif
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    Nothing. My gym is in my basement. :)
  • earlnabby
    earlnabby Posts: 8,171 Member
    I have a general purpose tote bag and a ditty bag inside it with the things I take poolside

    • Swimsuit
    • swimming cap
    • mesh loofah
    • home made conditioner (I don't use shampoo)
    • lotion
    • pumice stone
    • deodorant
    • membership card
    • water bottle

    Ditty bag:
    • goggles
    • nose clip
    • waterproof IPod (with accessories like extra covers for the earphones)
    • Lube (to help the earphones)
    • Carmex
    • Cleansing oil (I use it on my face when I go into the steam room to sweat the chlorine out)
    • Lap counter that I wear on my finger

  • dawnna76
    dawnna76 Posts: 987 Member

    this is my bag. but its black with pink trim. it has a place for my yoga mat and a place for wet clothes or my shoes. plus tons of pockets for other things.

    I usually carry a couple sets of gym clothes, hairbands (but now its short so dont need them) my heart rate monitor and chest strap, a running band for my phone, headphones, KT tape, weight lifting gloves and straps, deoderant, mosturizer and a lock
  • kristinegift
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    I use a gym on campus at my university, so I have my backpack with all my things for class, and then I have a separate tote back for my gym clothes (I use it because my friend got it for me for Christmas, and it has a custom print that says XXVI.II to commemorate my first marathon that I ran last year :D). In my gym tote, I have my shoes, running socks, my running clothes, a buff for wiping the sweat away so I'm not 100% gross post-workout, my ipod shuffle and headphones, sometimes I remember to throw deodorant in there, and sometimes I bring my garmin the event I run outside instead of in the gym. That's it!
  • Yanesmy89
    Yanesmy89 Posts: 19 Member
    Headphones, towel, liter of water, my arm band for my Note 4, and weight lift gloves, oh and my lock for my locker! :)
  • LolBroScience
    LolBroScience Posts: 4,537 Member
    Belt, Straps, Wrist Wraps, Knee Sleeves, Oly Shoes, Deadlift Shoes, Slingshot, Bands, Dip Belt.
  • MezaEza
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    I usually carry a sports bag and I pack;
    Gym clothes
    Spare hair bobbles & kirby grips
    Bottle of water
    Small towel for wiping down equipment after use (it's part of the gym policy)
    Padlock for the lockers
    Shower gel/shampoo for afterwards
    Large towel for showering
    Spare socks and pants to change into afterwards
    A snack for afters

  • brendo204
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    knee wraps
    wrist straps
    fat grips
    elevation training mask

  • hill8570
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    Gym clothes or office clothes (depending on time of day), towel (never leave home without your towel), deodorant, body wash, weightlifting shoes, 1.25lb microplates, volleyball pump & needles, crapload of plastic bags, and probably a couple of thriving microscopic civilizations.
  • LuckyStar813
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    So glad I asked. This info is great!!!
  • tbilly20
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    I use a Patagonia Black Hole daypack. I keep toiletries (deorderant, QTips, toothbrush and paste, razor), I Pad, earbuds, shoes, swim trunks, sandals, goggles, pad lock, shorts, cycling kit and heart rate monitor.

    This way I have everything I need in case I change my mind on what I want to do on the way to the gym or during the day. If my time gets crunched, I may opt for an hour in the pool. If a meeting gets cancelled, I might decide to get on the ellipitcal for two hours and watch a movie!