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Why do I screw things up when they are going really well?

why must we be our own worst enemies? Things have been going well & then I go and eat popcorn & chocolate. Ugh! Now I'm bummed with myself. Will have to do some extra stuff tonight!!! I'm so good at sabotage..


  • knitapeace
    knitapeace Posts: 1,013 Member
    Is it possible that what you're calling "going well" is not sustainable right now? I find if I try to restrict too much I get frustrated and go crazy. When my goals are more moderate there's less chance of a meltdown. Besides, eating chocolate and popcorn is OK as long as you fit them into your daily calories, so that's nothing to be ashamed of at all! :)
  • Sandcastles61
    Sandcastles61 Posts: 506 Member
    In my snack section I prelog a couple good treats like a Clementine or a flavored yogurt to have throughout the day, in addition to say a 100 cal WW freezer treat like an English Toffee ice cream bar (I love almond roca LOL) ..... In the evening it's already accounted for and waiting for me if I want it, but if it's a good day I just skip it and have an extra 100 cal deficit for the day.... Nothing should ever be off limits <3
  • aplcr0331
    aplcr0331 Posts: 186 Member
    Welcome to the Human Race. We're kind of big idiots...most of the time.
  • maggierenee88
    maggierenee88 Posts: 352 Member
    It's just a treat.self sabotage for having a treat isn't worth it. Try not to be so hard on yourself you're doing great!
  • SbetaK
    SbetaK Posts: 390 Member
    Believe in yourself, and remember YOU are the only one standing between you and success. We all slip up, just get back up, dust yourself off, and continue on. Best advice as above is to fit your favorite treats into your calorie count/macros for the day-it keeps you from going crazy. Forbidding your favorite foods just makes you want them more. And remember, almost all of us have done the same thing!
  • nogutsnoglory7
    nogutsnoglory7 Posts: 45 Member
    Check out "How to Have Your Cake And Skinny Jeans Too" [/s][/s][/s]It will change your entire perspective on sabotage. It's an AMAZING book. Josie Spinardi is the author and she has a couple videos on youtube as well. Check it out .. and don't give up. :)
  • hlhutch91
    hlhutch91 Posts: 94 Member
    Amazing that you are all right! I just felt a bit out of control ...when I look at my day, I still have enough for a good dinner (healthy) & after some time exercising I guess I won't be so bad. Should still make it within my calorie count. Thanks everyone for some perspective.
  • nikkit321
    nikkit321 Posts: 1,485 Member
    I agree with the suggestion to pre-log a treat/snack, that way you already know it's there and can look forward to it, knowing that it fits in with your day. You can do this!
  • parkerpowerlift
    parkerpowerlift Posts: 196 Member
    @Hlhutch91 , the other posters are right! As long as you can fit it into your numbers, than don't be so hard on yourself! I'm fairly easy on myself in regards to food. I don't restrict myself from too much. Though I eat much healthier than a year ago, I still on occasion eat ice cream, little chocolates and/or pizza :)

    Such as tonight. Had a great work-out and then had pizza for dinner and it fit my calories (barely!!!) Hahaha :)