Goal % - I just changed mine - am I ok?

I previously had MFP do my goals automatically, which called for 50% carbs - I custom changed it to read 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein (also upped when I reconfigured the percentages) and also upped my fiber* to 30/day. I'm going to be 66 in a few weeks, 5-3", and weighed in this morning at 188 (down 13 pounds) - I've been on a low carb eating plan (not "no" carb) - For those more experienced than me, does this sound reasonable? I'm not "dieting" as such, other than trying to stay away from potatoes/rice/breads & processed foods - this is more a change of lifestyle. Are these %'s sustainable?
- *new news that increased fiber helps with weight loss.