Question about Chicken

navyjen Posts: 1,043 Member
I was wondering how long cooked chicken would last in the fridge if I made up some grilled chicken for my meals for the week ahead? How many days??


  • jgnatca
    jgnatca Posts: 14,464 Member
    Google search. 3-4 days. Freeze them instead.
  • Chief_Rocka
    Chief_Rocka Posts: 4,710 Member
    Until you ate it.
  • elfof2moons
    elfof2moons Posts: 20 Member
    I go with 4 days on just about any leftovers. I second the freezing option
  • blbst36
    blbst36 Posts: 54 Member
    Honestly, I eat it until it starts to smell funny. I've had chicken almost 2 weeks after cooking with no issues.
  • sjp_511
    sjp_511 Posts: 476 Member
    I go with 4 days on just about any leftovers. I second the freezing option

    Third the freezing.

    I buy a family pack of chicken breast when it is on sale. I grill it then cut into bite size pieces. Then I portion out into sandwich bags. I put all the sandwich bags into a gallon size freezer bag and freeze. Works great!

  • pjcfrancis
    pjcfrancis Posts: 121 Member
    I'd go with the sniff test, but frankly the people who say 3-4 days are much smarter than me.
  • BeLightYear
    BeLightYear Posts: 1,550 Member
    7 days is my rule for any cooked food. Except seafood or fish.
  • yusaku02
    yusaku02 Posts: 3,476 Member
    I usually give it about a week. But if it smells funny at any point then it's getting thrown out.
  • astrose00
    astrose00 Posts: 754 Member
    Sniff test here but usually 5 days at least. I should freeze but my freezer is full of chicken I should have thawed to make the chicken in the first place. What a quandarry!!!

    I find that the chicken actually tastes better over time. I guess the seasoning really gets into the meat...
  • Amitysk
    Amitysk Posts: 705 Member
    3-4 days is my personal rule.
  • corindeathawk
    corindeathawk Posts: 254 Member
    Another vote for 3-4 days for chicken. Pork lasts longer for me.
  • JoRocka
    JoRocka Posts: 17,525 Member
    I typically roll with anything 5 days an under- After that- even if it smells- odds are I'm mentally writing it off and then it becomes the game of "it's bad and smells- I have to do it when it's trash day" ......*kitten* I missed trashed day- should I bag it or just leave it till next week.

    then I have science projects growing.

    but 5 days and under if it makes it that long. Typically I try to cook only a week's worth of food and eat it during the week.
  • Christine_72
    Christine_72 Posts: 16,049 Member
    Any longer than 3 days and my dog gets it for dinner :smile: