MFP Rocks!

I just want to give a big shoutout to My Fitness Pal. I've been physically fit for years, but continually struggle with weight gain. I started using this site about 7 weeks ago and it has been extremely helpful to me in doing accurate monitoring of what is actually going into my mouth each day! It is so easy to use, and virtually any food I've consumed is contained within the extensive data base, so it's as easy as entering a food and then adding it.
Initially it was somewhat shocking to see how quickly all the ''little snacks here and there" added up to a lot more calories than I wanted to admit.
Knowing that I am going to be inputting every chip, cookie, piece of candy, soda, etc. at the end of each day has been VERY helpful in making me think about do I really need this goodie.
I'm now seeing weight loss instead of gain, and that's a most excellent feeling.
Honestly seeing what I eat each day has totally allowed me to make better decisions about how much and what I consume.
MFP is truly "da bomb" and I thank all those who developed and maintain this site.


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    Awesome and inspiring! Happy for you! I also like the accountability I have to put on myself through tracking and logging, it makes me think twice about what I put in my mouth and forces me to be honest with myself.
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    I join you in these sentiments. So I have lost a lot of my friends since joining but I don't hold a grudge. I joined in September 2012 and lost 20 odd pounds. My bf saw my progress and joined a month later. She's lost 55 lbs. My sister joined that November. She's lost 39 lbs. Another friend lost 25 lbs. Another is down 15 and still going. So I am losing my friends a pound at a time and I couldn't be more pleased.