Feedback on my home workout?

How is this for an overall beginning home workout? I am really out of shape and some exercises I just can’t do yet (like lunges, plank, reg pushups) and I have some balance issues.

I made a list of the ones I know how to do but am not sure if I covered all the key areas?

Hand weights: bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press
Wall pushups



  • Cherimoose
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    If you can't do lunges, do split squats until your balance improves.

    You're missing pulling exercises too. Use the program in my profile.
  • AllanMisner
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    What are your goals?
  • riffraff2112
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    Your goals would be important before giving advice. BUT...for a beginner workout make sure you hit the major muscle groups.
    Chest - any push-up, or lying pressing motion (wall pushups are a fine start for a beginner)
    Shoulder - probably should do more than one exercise since it composes quite a few different groups (using free weights do lat raises, shoulder press and upright row). That should do it!
    Legs - lunges, squats are great and they require no resistance for the beginner. Use a chair for balance
    Arms - curls and extensions got the bis and tri's covered. I would recommend dips if you can handle them.
    Abs - You got bridge, I would suggest plank or crunches also. Leg raises are good if you can handle them.
    Seem to be missing back exercises in your plan... there are quite a few easy ones you could do with free weights...Id recommend bent over rows.

    That should do it. Keep with it, you will improve and it is so good for you!
  • LuckyStar813
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    My goal is improve my overall body strength, while I am losing weight. I don't really enjoy most sports but so enjoy biking, hiking, camping. I'd like to be able to actually lift my bike into the back of truck someday :D Also I hear that weight bearing exercises are good for bone strength.
  • futuremanda
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    Definitely ignore me if you really feel you can't do any of these things, but:

    Lunges: Just don't go down very far, and take it slow. Do it next to a wall or chair or something if you are having trouble with balance.

    Plank: You can start planking even if you can't hold it very long. And you can start on your knees. Type something like "beginner plank modifications" into Google to get help with form.

    Have you tried a super absolute beginner yoga routine? If you're interested, I like Yoga With Adriene. Start with her "for absolute beginner" and then beginner video, and then go from there. (Free on YouTube.)

    Always, always modify, substitute, or skip if something doesn't feel safe. But don't rule out everything without trying. Like, if there's a workout video you want to try, try it! But vow to go at half pace, substitute (say more squats instead of lunges) or modify (not going as far, doing it on knees or with wall, etc). Don't get frustrated that you can't match 100% because you're not meant to out of the gate.

    (The other advice you've gotten is great too! Do what you think will be best for you, so that you are safe, well rounded, progressing, and having fun.)
  • CA_Underdog
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    I made a list of the ones I know how to do but am not sure if I covered all the key areas?
    You're most notably missing pulling exercises, and I'd also question the lack of hinging exercises. These should usually come before isolation movements. Instead of trying to design your own program, I'd look at one of the many progressive, comprehensive strength training programs out there--e.g., "Stronglifts" or "New Rules of Lifting (Supercharged)". There are bodyweight variations such as Convict Conditioning if an at-home, more affordable option is more appealing.

    The program in Cherimoose's profile also looks very reasonable--
  • AllanMisner
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    I’m not sure how heavy your dumbbells (hand weights), but I’d stick to compound movements like
    - squat (bodyweight then dumbbells at shoulders),
    - deadlift (dumbbells at side or sumo deadlift),
    - push up (against the wall at first, then on counter, then with knees on ground),
    - dumbbell rows, and
    - overhead press.

    There is little benefit to doing isolation moves at this point (e.g., curls and extension).

    Since you’re eating at a deficit, you probably won’t see any big strength gains, but you should be able to retain strength and may see some improvement early on (newbie gains) and some gains as you learn technique.
  • LuckyStar813
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    Thanks for the feedback! I am definitely coming from a "start where you are and do what you can" place.

    I will add a Pulling exercise into my routine. The Convict Conditioning has a level 1 pull up that uses a door frame for vertical pulls. I am going to try the Lunges/ Split Squats again but going slowly and not down very far, and using a chair for balance.

    I do the curls and extensions with 3 and 5 pound hand weights (and have 10 pounds waiting), as part of a arm workout video on TY. I do them because I can and enjoy the workout. I feel a sense of accomplishment and begin to trust my body after not working out for a very long time. Plus it seems better than watching TV. I am also walking for cardio exercise.