Hi I'm Brenda

Hi all
My name is Brenda. Is just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last week so am working on eliminating carbs and sugars.
I weigh 264 and really want to lose weight and get healthy.
Really confused as to where to start.
Looking forward to learning and getting to know you all.


  • aksteve777
    aksteve777 Posts: 184 Member
    Hi Brenda. May I suggest entering your food into the app. It will help you see what you are eating and help make good decisions. I've lost a 100 pounds by changing the way I eat. You can do it. :)
  • michellelhodges123
    michellelhodges123 Posts: 102 Member
    Hello! Logging your food is great..you become more aware of what and just how much you are eating!