acl surgery

Iam having acl replacement surgery this summer so I can get back to playing sports. Anyone out there that had it done? And any suggestions on what type of graft to do?


  • nmills83
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    I used the patellar tendon when I had mine done, about 5 years ago. If you plan to play sports that is what is recommended. Not going to lie it was pretty painful and recovery takes a bit longer with this method but I feel as good as I did before. It took a little over a year to feel comfortable. Hamstring sounded like a good option too with less down time but hopefully someone else can comment on their experience with it. I ruled cadaver out due to risk of infection and also supposedly it stretches over time. Good luck
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    Most of my patient's have had the patellar tendon graft.
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    Thanks so much
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    I had a hamstring graft done about a year and a half ago because I wanted to get back to playing sports too. My surgeon and I discussed graft options and I went with the hamstring because he thought it was best route for me. First 1-2 weeks after surgery hamstring was very sore, but this significantly decreased and turned into a tightness that resolved over time as I got stronger during recovery. I was able to return to sports full strength at the 1 year mark (maybe could have gone a little earlier, but wanted to be cautious because I had a friend who retore going back too early).

    Good luck and remember to keep a positive attitude during rehab!
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    Thank you so much sparty