Scale is so unforgiving

I am an experienced loser, had to start over after several pregnancies etc.
I have been maintaining about 8 lbs away from my goal weight for a few months now, have been lifting for a year. To tackle those last 8 lbs, I introduced more cardio two weeks ago (running, swimming) and only lift 2-3x per week (instead of 4 times a week) now. My thinking was that I could not eat less (I am still hungry after 1600 cal, especially on lifting days) but might be able to burn more.

Food is a challenge for me because I am tired of restricting. What makes it discouraging is that I make good progress when I am 100% on track. But let me eat one cheat meal and I'll gain 3 lbs and it will take more than a week to be back where I was before that. Which means that I basically do a week, then cheat, then start all over. It reminds me of eating balanced after low carb (one gains back very quickly when one gives up low carb!) - but I am not eating low carb. I am actually 4lbs up right now and really - really! - don't know why. Up, yes. But that much? Did it come with more muscle mass? Is cardio the culprit? Am I aging? I cannot blame hormones or water retention or bad nights or a cold all the time. I actually see the difference in my thighs :( It seems like my body jumps on every extra calorie I eat.

I eat 1600, do not count lifting calories and about 1/2 of my cardio calories.


  • malibu927
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    Are you weighing or measuring your food? The last few pounds are the toughest, so you need to be more diligent than ever as you have less room for error.
  • LilacWhite
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    Well done so far! Weight loss is very difficult and it's good that you keep pushing onwards to meet your goal. I would recommend eating more, such as 400 calories more and then exercise to burn it off. Nothing too strenuous though, maybe a light jog or 3 mph walk.

    Or if you are used to losing a pound a week try losing 1/2 a pound a week and if you are used to losing 1/2 a pound a week, try losing 1/4 pound a week. That way you're taking it slow and steady ;)

    I get cravings as well so try to eat sugary fruits as a snack and make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

    best of luck!
  • plusquechose
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    I don't know what your start weight was or how tall you are, but if I ate only 1600 calories a day I'd die. I eat around 1900-2000 calories a day, more on rigorous exercise day. It sounds like you're battling starvation mode:

    You also have to ask yourself if your goal weight is actually a weight your body wants to be. I used to have a goal weight that sounded great but for my height (I'm 5'6") and body frame (huge breasts) it was too thin. It's equivalent to someone my height and smaller breasts who weighed 10 pounds less. I got to my goal weight once through depression and honestly I didn't look great, I looked way too thin (my ribs were visible)