Late afternoon workout and snacks

I am still figuring out what time of day is best for me to workout, based on my work schedule, family, etc… It seems like after work and before dinner is a good choice. The only issue is that time of day I am usually really hungry. I do eat a late afternoon snack then bust home to make dinner.

Do I just eat a bigger snack and what kind? Protein, carbs, both? Should I eat a little something more post workout if I feel hungry? I want to stay within my calorie budget but I want energy to workout too.


  • 4leighbee
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    Do you usually eat a big dinner? I typically have a series of 150-200 calorie snacks throughout the day and then maybe 500 for dinner. (I eat back about half my exercise calories most of the time.) So ... if you are like me, just shift the timing of your snacking. If I knew I'd be working out at 4 p.m., I might have yogurt and granola at 2:30 p.m. and then a Clif bar or a banana in the car after the workout. If you eat a big dinner, I guess your snacks need to be smaller but still ... don't workout hungry or your workout will not be very effective. I make every effort to never be hungry. Avoiding hunger might be right up there with getting my run in when it comes to successfully losing weight.
  • arditarose
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    Trial and error. You have to find things that will fill you up but not throw you out of your deficit. Perhaps a lunch with a higher volume of food (though maybe not necessarily more calories), and a snack an hour or so before working out. I like a protein bar around 5:30 if I'm working out at 6:30. Or I'll eat a lunch packed to the brim with vegetables and a good amount of protein, and have a nice black coffee before I lift.
  • riffraff2112
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    I like to workout in the afternoon. Can't seem to motivate myself to do it early in the morning. Occasionally I'll do cardio late at night, but almost never weight training.

    Usually on an empty stomach but not by design..just don't eat much in the early afternoon.
  • LuckyStar813
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    My dinners are in the 500 calorie range. I seem to like either a big breakfast/light lunch or like today light breakfast/big lunch. I had a 200 calorie yogurt/apple/celery/walnut snack 45 mins before workout.

    The workout was tough.... for me. I am so out of shape. I didn't feel that hungry but I knew my body needed some fuel. When I got home I inhaled an apple and slice of cheese. Plus drank a lot of water.

    I do remember the trainer who helped me with my workout and diet plan said I could eat a bit more on workout days, but staying under 2000 cal.