How I calculated how much I burn each day

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Does this sound reasonably correct? Just for the fun of it . . .

I'm very strict about entering everything I eat and drink; even if it has zero calories, like a pinch of salt. Using my MFP log, I added up all the calories I've eaten over the past N days; the total was 46,746 kilo-calories. During the same N number of days I lost 15.75 pounds; which is 55,125 kilo-calories (15.75 * 3500). So, over the past N days I've "burned" 101,871 kilo calories; 46,746 from what I consumed, and 55,125 from the fat I burned.

That means, 101,871 total kilo-calories burned, divided by N days, equals 2753 kilo-calories per day is the average I burn.