Realising That You're "That Fat".

I'll admit I've been living in denial for the last 4 years, but recently a number of photos were taken at work which have made me realise that I can no longer comfort myself with saying "you're not THAT fat". I am that fat, and it's entirely because I'm eating too much.

I'm fairly active, on a daily basis I walk between 6-12 miles and it's rare that I spend a weekend sitting in front of the telly eating takeaways. But I eat a lot, and having been sheltered by a sort of obese bubble created by my family (all of whom are obese and eat the sort of portions that make normal people gawk), and now I really need to change my ways. I hate being the biggest at work, and I hate the fact that being fat emphasises the fact I'm naturally very 'boyish' in body shape!

I'm rambling. Basically, hello there, hopefully I can use this place as a sort of guidance point for a less excessive approach to eating!


  • I hear where your coming from, getting sick of being called "the big girl", your not fat and do this for yourself! I know you can do this! once you get your eating on track- which isn't easy- it'll get easier! Get it girl! you can do it!
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    Hi -- I had this moment too, about 3 years ago -- since then I lost weight and wasn't "that fat" anymore, then I had my son, and I'm back. Welcome! This is a great place to be. It's a great tool for logging, support, and more. Feel free to add me as a friend, if you'd like!
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    Get mad, get angry. Use that to help fuel you along.

    Well walking 6-12 miles and your still fat. Them is the facts. Get your eating in order and think about upping your workout game.
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    You aren't fat. You have fat - that means that you can get rid of it.

    Time to get started :)
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    Always remember those pictures and how you felt. That really helped me. A friend told me I wasn't really fat. I looked like one of our other friends. Problem was I thought he was our fat friend. I kept that in mind the whole time I have been losing weight. All total I am down 55 lbs and still think about it once in a while. Helped me get through the tough times because they will be there for sure. Good luck!
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    I totally know the feeling! I was in denial about my fat and unhealthy choices, and then I saw a few pictures of myself. Boom, decided I needed to get back to my healthy self. You got this, we can all do it together :-)
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    I didnt realize until I was at the county fair and my fiance recorded my daughter and I on a slide. YIKES. I still havent deleted those videos or photos. Disgusting. I hate the way I look in those pics.
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    I had a photo taken of me and my then SO and I saw it and went, WOW I don't recognize myself. I realized that I was THAT fat. I got away with living in denial by just wearing leggings and yoga pants all the time and then after that photo, I realized I couldn't fit into any of my jeans. I actually had to go to a store and find out what size I was. I went from an 8/10 up to and 18/20

    I was in shock.
    I actually doubled in size.

    It was then that I started to try and lose weight, and it feels great when the compliments come like "You look great! Have you lost weight?" This keeps me going :smiley:
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    I take pictures once a month just wearing a pair of shorts and use it to motivate myself. It's amazing the power a visual image of the truth can be.
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    welcome!! you have come to the right place. Lots of motivating folks and fantastic information here. Good luck!!