20-something, Canadian uni student trying to lose 125lbs

I have been on MFP for a while now on and off. I've decided that now is the time that I am going to see it through. I've finally come to that point where I am ready to accept the challenge of needing to lose 125lbs.

Here's the gist of my story for the people who do not want to read the novel I'm sure I'm about to unleash upon the world. I'm 22, 5'-7" and started at 264.0 lbs. I've successfully lost 7 in the last month, only 118 more to go! So please friend me, add me, whatever you'd like. The more the merrier! In the past I have never shared my journey with anyone and I'm thinking that might be one of my mistakes. I've never made myself accountable to anyone else, so here I am, making myself accountable to all you lovely folks. :)

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down, okay okay, I couldn't help myself. Who doesn't want to sing the Fresh Prince theme song? Truly my story is similar to many. I've always been overweight. I was always the biggest of my friends and it made me feel uncomfortable and I hid in those big baggy sweaters and ill fitting clothes. Right up until I started university at 18, 215lbs. I lost some weight, got down to about 185 (screw you freshman 15) and it all went downhill from there. I developed gallstones, had those removed, couldn't complete a semester of school had to drop out of my program for a year and I ended up struggling with depression. Hence gaining enough to bring me up to 264.0, the largest I've ever been in my life.

Now I am on the cusp of freedom as I am about to enter my final semester of school in the summer, I have an absolutely wonderful boyfriend and I am ready to lose some weight and to start feel like the real me. Not the fat covered me.

I've already successfully shed 7lbs. It's not much, but I feel like it's a solid start and I have a few exciting things motivate me to lose as much as possible by August. The absolutely wonderful guy that I mentioned before is planning a beach vacation for us when I finish my degree. And I don't want to just put on a bathing suit when we go. I want to put on a bathing suit and have birds start singing, the heavens open up and every guy in a 5km radius to be blinded by my hot body (though I'm also extremely pale. This may be a contributing factor). Two days before going on this sunny adventure I am presenting my final thesis project and its a big flashy affair where I get to get my hair done and my nails done and I want to rock an adorable little dress with sexy as hell heels.

These are my goals. What are yours? Do you have something that's motivating you to lose weight?


  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    Just lost 8 and 102 to go. Welcome aboard. :)
  • ammo7
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    Nice work on your 7 lb loss so far, I bet you'll be wonderfully proud by the time you get to show off in August :)
    I'm a uni student too - I lost 55 lb, but put on 10 lb during a busy/stressful year of research. I've lost that 10lb since January this year, and am ready to finally lose a final 15 lb.
    I'm motivated to be as healthy as possible...and okay, there's some vanity too, of course! Definitely looking forward to meeting my goals by summertime.

    Good luck with your journey!