I had a conversation with a friend a while back and just want to know other opinions. If you had done everything possible to get the body you want, but there is one thing you just can't fix such as excess skin that won't tighten up, would you consider surgery to fix it


  • Poods71
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    If I had the money and it was really bad and affecting my life, then yes. I do have excess skin on my tummy from pregnancys, which I hate and always say if I had the money I would get rid of it but I'm not sure if I could go through with it as I would be scared anything happened to me and I left my daughters without a Mum and also you hear so many scare stories about it going wrong and looking worse, so maybe it is a case of better the devil you know :smile:
  • Ohwhynot
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    Yup. Absolutely.
  • turtle0022
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    The best thing I ever did for myself. I made the decision after much research and serious consideration to the pros and cons and made sure to vet my surgeon and hospital to the enth degree beforehand.
  • lpendleton58
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    IMO, if one has done everything possible to get rid of the excess skin naturally and have the disposal money to so, then why not? We use advances in medicine and science to enhance other aspect of our lives, who am I to judge someone for using it for cosmetic reasons when it is not hurting anyone else.
  • rhileyschubbygranny
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    Yes, I am hoping to have a mini tummy tuck the end of this coming summer.
  • snowflake930
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    At my age (63) I am perfectly content as I am since losing all the weight.

    May have been a different answer 30 years ago though.
  • nrsblc
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    If it is just for some excess skin, I could do it, if I had the guts of course! However, before you really consider that, think of how proud you would be of yourself if you stuck to a kick *kitten* workout for a couple months and you could have an amazingly tight skin with an amazingly healthy and strong body!
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    Thanks for the comments everyone
  • MissMelissa514
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    I had my surgery 5 years after losing 100 lbs. I was happy at my weight. I knew I was able to maintain and I was done having kids. I was equally unhappy with my body after losing the weight as I was before. I made the best choice for me. It was expensive but I made the decision to spend the money on my body instead of buying a new car. I still drive a 2001 Jeep and had the surgery 3 years ago.