Does anyone here do carb cycling with Chris Powell?

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It sounds pretty amazing. Not sure how good it is for learning how to eat healthy though (they say you only have to resist your cravings for one day at a time).

Carb Cycling: The Easy Cycle

Do you have a hard time going without your favorite foods, but you still want to lose weight? Then the Easy Cycle is for you. In this cycle you alternate low-carb and high-carb days, and on every single high-carb day you can have a reward meal, as long as that meal isn’t your dinner meal. That’s right, you can eat the foods you love—four days a week— and still reach your weight loss goals. And by favorite foods I mean pizza, ice cream, bacon, chocolate cake, cheesecake—they’re all okay. The power of this cycle is that if you get those favorite food cravings on low-carb days, you only have to wait until the next day to satisfy them. Anyone can do that! Success can be yours with this cycle.

Carb Cycling: The Classic Cycle

I first introduced the Classic Cycle in my first book, Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution. While the Easy Cycle is the easiest cycle, the Classic Cycle is the simplest carb cycle. It offers a quick and easy introduction to carb cycling and results in fast and steady weight loss.

Unlike the Easy Cycle, which has a reward meal incorporated into every high-carb day, the Classic Cycle has an entire reward day every week. Imagine that—a whole day to satisfy those cravings for your favorite foods! And you’ll still lose weight.

Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

If you want to shed those extra pounds extra fast, the Turbo Cycle is for you. Of the four carb cycles, this cycle takes off weight the fastest. Unlike the Easy and Classic cycles, which alternate low and high-carb days, the Turbo Cycle pits two low-carb days against every high-carb day. That means you’ll burn fat two days in a row before your body’s furnace (metabolism) is re-stoked on your high-carb day, and you’ll lose weight really, really fast!

Carb Cycling: The Fit Cycle

Do you want to “lean up” without compromising your athletic performance? Do you want to train for long periods of time? Then the Fit Cycle is the cycle for you. The Fit Cycle not only eliminates fat, but it also supplies your body with the fuel it needs to perform successfully, no matter what sport you choose to excel in.

Unlike the other three carb cycles, the Fit Cycle only has two low-carb days per week, and there’s a very important reason for this: The extra high-carb day allows your muscles to absorb more fuel (glycogen), which you’ll need for maximum athletic performance. During your low-carb days, when this supply of glycogen gets depleted, your muscles will develop insulin sensitivity. When you then have a high-carb day or your reward day, these insulin-sensitive muscles will actually soak up more carbs, your body will burn this extra fuel instead of storing it as fat, and you’ll still lose weight. It’s an amazing process!


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    totally unnecessary for weight loss.

    eat in a calorie deficit =weight loss..

    not some complex carb cycling scheme….
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    I've seen some amazing results from others that have carb cycled. Yes the deficit is more important. A lot of impressive transformations are from people that somehow have manipulated their carb intake.

    I do plan on carb cycling 6-7 weeks towards the end of my cut. There are different approaches to take and I'm excited to experiment and see what kind of results I could achieve.
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    I carb cycle. I have a low, medium, and high amount that rotates every day in 3 day cycles. Works well and is easy enough to do.
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    I read his book but chose not to try it.
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    All that's needed to lose weight is a calorie deficit. I still eat pizza, bacon, chocolate, an the like sometimes, by tracking my calories and staying at or under my daily goal :)

    That said, if you feel like this will help you achieve that deficit, and it sounds like something you'd like to do, you should give it a try.
  • I want to try this. I'm trying to do more of a calorie deficit, while taking processed sugars out of my diet because it messes with my energy levels and causes breakouts.
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    Found out recently that Heidi Powell uses myfitnesspal :-) I guess if you buy premium you can do carb cycling since you can change the calorie/carb goals for each day.
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    None of the posted links work for me... Just goes to "page not found"
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    None of the posted links work for me... Just goes to "page not found"

    Sorry, I probably deleted them
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    Although I agree in a perfect world calories are what matters but in the real world "will power" certainly plays a contributing factor and if Carb cycling helps someone freaking do it!! I personally base my calories on the week because some days I just crave larger amounts of calories and some days very little..

    I have been at Maintenance for 5 months so it works for me..
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    Some people find its easier to lose weight by eating low carb because they feel fuller longer, but you really don't need to.