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sengalissa Posts: 253 Member
I hurt my foot two weeks ago. Not sure how. Maybe my winter boots are just too old, so are my sneaker, oh and too much running on an old treadmill. Anyway, it hurts. Right in the middle of my foot. Walking hurts. Walking down stairs is almost impossible.

So going to my apartment complex gym this morning, the stairs into the basement were tricky. I had to hubble down single steps, while holding on the handrails with my hands in an effort trying to get some weight off my foot.

Then I thought to myself: wow, if someone saw me, they'd think I am completely nuts. My foot hurts like crazy and I want to go lift heavy. But really, in those past two weeks, the thought of holding off on my lifting routine had not even crossed my mind. (And lifting does not hurt if you keep the weight on your heels!)

I don't run though. Elliptical does not work either.
Instead, without giving it too much thought, I got a gym membership for two months to have access to a pool until my foot is better.

Bottomline: one year in and I do not question my early morning workouts. Ever.

(Oh, and then I realized after my workout this morning, that I had forgotten about daylight savings (my alarm clock adjusted automatically) and had gotten up at what would have been 4.25am without even noticing. )


  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Well done for the determination! Hope your foot heals quickly and well.
  • mcpostelle
    mcpostelle Posts: 418 Member
    Awesome! Hope your foot feels better too and keep up the awesomeness! :smiley:
  • sengalissa
    sengalissa Posts: 253 Member
    MrsMizart wrote: »
    Well done for the determination! Hope your foot heals quickly and well.

    Thanks. Got an insole today, hope it helps!
  • priyaFitnessFreak
    priyaFitnessFreak Posts: 105 Member
    Good job! Speedy recovery to you!
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