Anyone here with Aspergers or Bipolar? (or willing to support someone with it)

I would love to meet some friendly faces.

What has your life been like? what have been some unique challenges for you? how have you gotten past them?


  • Lorkio
    Lorkio Posts: 13 Member
    not myself, but I have quite a few close family members (aunt, cousins, parent, sibling) that have dealt with bipolar disorder for many years. Although I have not dealt with it personally I feel like having a solid support net is important, I know I try my best to support my family members who have dealt with it, so I know their difficulties. It definitely influenced me to go into psychology and neurology.
  • jenhabbott561
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    Aspergers lends itself to all or nothing diet/fitness. (I can't do it.... So why bother or I'm not worth it.... So why bother)
    All of these numbers are great tho, yet I can already see that the predictions being incorrect may be problematic in the future.
  • Wiccanandi
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    I have bipolar and have just joined the site. My oldest sone (20) has aspergers so i am familiar with both :)
  • TheEats
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    I am a high-functioning autistic. Feel free to add me :)
  • arkowalyshyn
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    I have a daughter with autism and a son with aspergers. My mom has depression and I struggle with wild swings. It seems to come down to following the "rules" (CICO) and numbers, which lends itself to the logical side.Good luck and welcome!
  • TheBigFb
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    Im not Bipolar, but he is
  • Phrick
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    I have BP2 and a very black & white, all or nothing mindset (which I am working on changing!). My dad is not diagnosed (refuses to see anyone - "why bother, what's it gonna change?") but fits the profile for Aspergers like it was written just for him. Feel free to add me just don't be offended if I don't interact a lot, I tend not to ;)
  • Ticklemynose
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    I have bipolar 2. It's tough to be motivated during low phases. Exercise and nutrition can make such a big difference. I started a Facebook Page a couple of years ago.
    I would love to have mutual support! Anyonr who wants that, hit me up!
  • xstephnz
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    Does anyone else have Aspergers? (I was going to start a new thread, but saw that I had made this one). I made a thread a while ago about being depressed and having Aspergers, and it had some really interesting replies but got deleted because I broke one of the rules, without realising :(