anyone know how to include breastfeeding?


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    I believe it is under cardio
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    There's an article here:

    That says 500 calories is acceptable for breastfeeding moms. I've had a hard time tracking everything since baby came, but I am getting more exercise and eating well generally speaking.

    The way I've figured my MFP is to up my level of activity setting-- so if I'm normally sedentary, I move it to be lightly active. Or higher if I want to be allowed more calories daily.
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    I believe it is under cardio

    It used to be under the food section, you could log it as a negative calorie. On the website you still can. It is not available on the app right now. The feature was removed accidentally.

    You could create an exercise and log it that way.

    Personally, I just set my calorie goal to maintain so the breastfeeding would create a deficit of 500 calories. It would be the same as setting it to lose a lb a week then adding back 500 for breastfeeding.
    Now I have moved my calorie goal to .5 lb a week so with that and the smaller breastfeeding deficit (he is on food now too), I am still losing.
  • Good idea! Thank you!