Best fruit and veggie snacks READY GO!

Hey everyone,

I've been trying to add more fruits and veggies inbetween meals in place of snacking on cookies and such. But just eating an apple or banana seems too boring for me. Please share your fun healthy snack ideas! B)


  • sfbaumgarten
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    I like my plain fruits and veggies, but sometimes I'll add something like ranch or chocolate. I also LOVE salsa so I'll add that to anything I can.
  • jacksonpt
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    apple with peanut butter. It's pretty much the only fruit I eat, and the only way I'll eat it.
  • tomatoey
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    Fruits I rarely eat and just eat plain when I do, because I"m lazy.

    I like steamed asparagus with a soft-boiled egg overtop as a snack when I'm home.
  • JoRocka
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    I cut up celery and carrots and throw those with washed radishes into a baggie- ready to go and easy munch on- I know celary gets a lot of hate- but it's a lovely vehicle for peanut butter- and I honestly don't mind it.

  • Leana088
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    I eat all fruits. I like freezing creamy fruits like bananas and mangoes, they are great on a hot day.

    Apples are good with peanutbutter/cinnamon sugar.

    Grilled peaches are great with a dolop of yoghurt and some honey.

    And you can eat a s***-load of water- and cantelope melons!!!

    I usually make carrot, celery and cucumber sticks, and dip them in sauce to munch on.

    I don't snack anymore these days. Its usually popcorn if I do. But those are some ideas. :)
  • lovematthewchristopher
    I love cantaloup , i have it almost everyday. You can have a good portion, but its not alot of calories. Strawberries with a bit of dark chocolate drizzle on it, apples dipped in peanutbutter. I use salsa as a dipping sauce for alot of stuff, since it doesnt have alot of calories ( dip cucumber, celery, peppers, etc.) Sometimes i will also steam up a bunch of broccoli or colliflower and just sprinkle some spices on them. I go on the net to get some of my ideas as well. Good luck
  • jms14letgo
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    I'm mostly in for ideas... some of these fruit ideas sound amazing! :p

    During the warmer months I tend to just take fresh veggies and eat them with a little bit of ranch dip or fiesta ranch dip. I also enjoy cantaloup, grapes, and bananas. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to snacks so I do my prep on the weekends so that I can just grab and go during the week.
  • ArtsieSarah
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    All of these sound great thanks everyone!
  • kristydi
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    I love sugar snap peas plain or dipped in hummus or guacamole. I got some 100 calorie packs of guac from the store. I actually wish they'd do 50cal packs.

    Oh and those mini sweet peppers are awesome too.

    I eat so much watermelon and cantaloupe in the summer.
  • ArtsieSarah
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  • shellma00
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    They have fruit juices or vegetable juices.. like 2-3 servings per bottle/can. I get the low sodium Vegetable ones so they are not too salty tasting. I have never tried the fruit ones, but I hear they are pretty good. 1 can of V8 Low Sodium Vegetable juice is only 70 calories for the soda can size.
  • jenchamb1
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    Fresh pineapple and frozen blueberries are fruits that truly taste like a treat to me. And any berries with a little whipped cream is a great dessert.
    For veggies...roast them, I've never had one vegetable yet that I didn't like. Raw vegetables dipped in salsa and hummus are a nice treat.
  • Vune
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    My favorite is fresh pineapple. I buy a whole one a cut it into chunks after its been sitting on my kitchen table a couple days. But I'll eat anything fresh and on sale that catches my eye. Pears are always a winner, too. And seasoned rice wine vinegar works on everything for the cost of a little salt and sugar.
  • lisaanne1369
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    I love my nutra bullet. get all kinds of fruits and veggies down that I would never eat. kale,cabbage,swis my green sludge!
  • Francl27
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    I can't have just fruit, it leaves me starving. But with a Greek yogurt or some cheese, it's good. Typically I have an apple, sometimes baby carrots.
  • oedipa_maas
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    I like to mix up a little ricotta (or small curd cottage cheese) with herbs and some sea salt and then spread it on celery or cucumber slices. Really good, and you get a bit of protein in!
  • AngryViking1970
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    I like a wedge of Laughing Cow with my apple. And frozen grapes are really good.
    I like to mix up a little ricotta (or small curd cottage cheese) with herbs and some sea salt and then spread it on celery or cucumber slices. Really good, and you get a bit of protein in!

    This is a great idea!
  • PinkyPan1
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    I either slice an apple and drizzle peanut butter (melted in the microwave and this way I use less) or I slice an apple and I sprinkle cinnamon on it and then microwave for about 2-3 minutes.
  • jgnatca
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    Eating pineapple today.
  • Ace9500
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    Celery sticks with a little peanut butter and maybe raisins.
    Cucumbers with just a teeny bit of dressing (a little goes a long way)
    Carrots and a tbsp of hummus
    Banana slices drizzled with a little honey
    Snack skewers alternating little pieces of cheese and fruit, usually grapes
    Snack skewers alternating cheese and tomatoes (maybe drizzled with dressing)
    Apple slices and 1/4 protein bar