iPhone steps/ iOS mfp calorie adjuster and logging exercise

i have my iPhone step calculator connected to mfp. Yesterday I went on a 4 mile walk and it said I burned 130 calories based on my steps. Do I additionally log my exercise as a 1 hour walk? Will mfp subtract that from the iPhone step calories? I'm sure I burned more than 130 calories in an hour.

I've also noticed today that I have an iOS mfp calorie adjustment of 50 calories based on my activity level in addition to calories adjusts based on my steps. I have no idea how to log exercise now with my iPhone adding things here and there.... Any tips?


  • 24Sept
    24Sept Posts: 178 Member
    I use my iPhone to log steps, I don't add any exercise because MFP recieves info on my steps and gives me extra calories based on my steps. So don't log anything but weight lifting.