Maintenance Success Stories

It's great reading all of the success stories out there ... I'm happy to say mine is one of them.

But now that I'm there, I'm curious to hear about long term maintenance success stories, from people who have had big losses (>50 lbs preferred, >100 lbs would be even better). If you have been on long term maintenance, what is your story, what are you tips for continued success, etc.?


  • brynnsmom
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    This isn't a real specific answer, but it's the best advice I could give. For me the process never really ended. I continue to exercise, probably harder now than ever. I continue to count calories and monitor my weight closely, I can just eat more now. Of course I've had slip-ups and short periods of rebellion, but I've never let my weight creep up more than a few pounds. It's just that important to me.
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    brynnsmom wrote: »
    This isn't a real specific answer, but it's the best advice I could give. For me the process never really ended.


    I lost 50 lbs about 5 yrs ago, and every time I stopped tracking, or I started to eat "the way I used to," I gained. I'm a fat dude who stays skinny because I stay on top of it; it's a lifestyle, not a "program". I have a cheat meal once or twice a week to keep my sanity, but I watch what I eat like a hawk & get 6 days/week of 45+ min exercise.

    In the years since I made that mental switch, I've lost another 20 and kept it off; in the best shape I've been in since my mid-20s.

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    I lost 40 Lbs about two and a half years ago and I maintained that loss for over a year and a half....recently did a 4 months bulking cycle, and now I'm in a cut again.

    The thing is, hitting that goal weight isn't the're not done...actually, you've just arrived at the starting line of the actual race. Nothing much changes...the difference between my maintaining weight and losing weight is a handful of calories, that's it.

    I still eat the same in maintenance...I eat a lot of veg and some fruit...lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. I watch my portions...I don't eat out all that often...I weigh myself regularly...I exercise regularly.

    Basically I developed a lot of rock solid nutrition and fitness habits when I was losing, and nothing in that RE has changed. When you revert back to old habits is when issues arise.