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Any feel their head has shrunk after weight loss?



  • CrabNebulaCrabNebula Member Posts: 1,119 Member Member Posts: 1,119 Member
    jt880 wrote: »
    Actually I've seen the opposite mostly on here.

    Heh, I'm guilty of this. For me, it is just I have never been a normal weight that I can remember and I am in my 30s. So it is sort of weird having positive attention to my body instead of negative. I have it mostly under control...I think...

    I guess my head had to have shrunk because my face is obviously so much thinner. I used to hate looking at myself with wet hair in the mirror because it highlighted how bloated and fat my face looked. Now I notice I look fine with wet hair and it doesn't embarrass me anymore.
  • GaleHawkinsGaleHawkins Member Posts: 8,018 Member Member Posts: 8,018 Member
    Yes. It was dropping a shoe size was a big surprise for me. My toes now look like cigarettes vs cigars. :) At my age I was surprised how fast I lost my double chin and now have lost the skin of my double chin. The first of the year I started to let my beard grow to hide my double chin skin. I like the beard because it keeps people from commenting about how I am looking thin. The down side when I whack my head it hurts more now without the padding. The wooden kitchen table chair that I am sitting in now has a pad in it because I have loss about all of my natural butt padding. I love what this new eating lifestyle is doing for my health in the way of lower arthritis pain and reduced risk for things like diabetes and cancer. I continue to read and learn more daily. Just got a good grasp of why I need K1 and K2 as well as Vitamin D3 to help prevent diabetes and cancer. It is amazing what doctors are doing in other countries and I can get what they are using at CVS, WM, Amazon and Ebay for less than it now cost to smoke cigarettes or load up on junk carb based desserts. Dairy Queen may miss me but I sure do not miss them in my case. In my case just dropping my pain levels was worth it all but now being more mobile and wearing clothes that the wife stored away long ago is awesome.
  • scaryg53scaryg53 Member, Premium Posts: 268 Member Member, Premium Posts: 268 Member
    My head is most certainly shrinking. I have a big head as it is due to being born with Neurofibromatosis, but there is a lot of fat on my scalp/upper neck. I've noticed my sausage neck has become more of a cocktail weenie than the bratwurst it was in November.

    Cocktail weenie, that made me lol
  • scaryg53scaryg53 Member, Premium Posts: 268 Member Member, Premium Posts: 268 Member
    I feel like head has looks bigger than before haha.
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Member Posts: 13,266 Member Member Posts: 13,266 Member
    My hubby calls me Dot! cos my face has gotten so small apparently! like a dot/full stop.
  • nuttynannersnuttynanners Member Posts: 249 Member Member Posts: 249 Member
    I think swelling could be a factor in addition to weight loss. This goes for shoe size and hat size alike. Eating better usually involves eating more anti-inflammatory foods and less salty/water-retaining foods.

    Take it from my boobs, lol. They know.
  • jcim1rujcim1ru Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    I had to adjust all of my ball caps. Some I blame on having lost hair along the way, but it's growing back in and thickening up and the ball caps are still adjusted smaller than they were a year ago.
  • shigh00shigh00 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    I know my scalp had tighten up. It was very loose......that doesn't sound
  • KhandeefanKhandeefan Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I know this is really strange but because my face got thinner I feel like my teeth stick out more or something. I know. It's ridiculous.
  • bellelynnetbellelynnet Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Yes, that is definitely the case for me. I first noticed it with facemasks fitting a lot looser and sliding off when I talk and now it's the face-shield band that I had to tighten a few notches over the past few months. My boots and socks feel very loose.
  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Member Posts: 514 Member Member Posts: 514 Member
    Yup. At some point my glasses started sliding off my nose, loose around the sides of my head. And ditto on the shoe-size loss. It's kind of amazing.

    Oh! My glasses are sliding too. I never thought of that being the cause but it's really annoying when I'm doing a plank and my glasses gradually disappear until the stopwatch goes out of focus!

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