Gleeful Epiphany

I've lost 2 lbs in my first real 10 days here. I'm thrilled! But here's what I realized: I was eating what a 175-180 lbs female eats. I've been going up and down within those 5 lbs for 2 years. Duh! When I (now) eat what a 155 lbs female eats, I'll weigh 155. I never noticed this problem before because my style has been to eat 100% clean for three or four days and then to poof! Stop by the grocery for a pint of ice cream or some baked goods on my way home from work and blow the last 3-4 days' calories in one evening! I couldn't figure out how "one little splurge" now and then was keeping me above my ideal weight.

I feel like I just invented oxygen or something.