INJURY has put me out!

In a spit second I fell running and bam...high ankle injury, not easy to recover from. I am scared that i'm going to gain, in fact, I did gain 2 pounds in two weeks. I basically didn't watch my diet. Now that I'm not activity I really really need to watch. Now I feel like I have no friends. I am an avid hiker and backpacker and now I am sitting home alone! I did start logging today, I guess that is a start. I have been doing chair workout routines but you can only work out upper body every other day.


  • never2bstopped
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    You can always split the upper body into back and bi one day, chest and tri next, and shoulder and abs the last. Is it possible for you to swim?

    Getting hurt is hard and it is even worse if you feel it has isolated you. This may be a good time to explore some non fitness related hobbies to help you connect again with the outside world.

    Good luck, and remember weight is more influenced by your diet than your exercise. Give your ankle the time it needs to heal and you will be back to hiking before you know it.
  • Panthers89
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    I rolled my ankle about 6 weeks ago and it still hurts when I run more than 3 days in a row. I am hitting the weights and trying to get more cardio from the exercise / Spin bikes. Listen to your body and don't come back too soon. Make sure you recover.

    I always count my calories and I would recommend backing down on your daily goal a little while you are less active.
  • kasaz
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    Boy do I understand. I am a big hiker, training for JMT in July and Wonderland Trail in September. Hiked Grand Canyon Rim to River to Rim 8 days ago and did well. Tripped over the dog on Thursday and broke my right upper arm. Will need surgery this week. JMT probably out still hoping I can heal and train for Wonderland. 2 yrs ago I sprained ankle 8 weeks before Tour du Mont Blanc. Was able to go using elliptical as main training about 4 weeks post injury. Injuries are so discouraging. Have to be careful, listen to the body and doc and do what is best for the long term.

    I am really watching my calories cause I can't burn near as many. I took my Garmin Vivo off cause it was such a joke. Take care
  • cheshirecatastrophe
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    Have you asked your doctor about pool stuff? Swimming (even just pulling with a pull buoy between your legs) or water running?

    If you feel depression slipping on, it might be helpful to talk to a counselor before things get really ugly. (From someone who's been there...) Also, it sucks like crazy, but try to find other hobbies to occupy the time. Crafty stuff can be mind absorbing/time-passing.

    I'm trying to come back from a pretty brutal injury right now. My deepest sympathies. :(
  • bainsworth1a
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    so sorry you are injured. You can still do this. tracking is the key and you may not be able to eat as much with a lower activity level.
    I am not very active because of some health issues so I never have activity calories and I am losing although slower than if I were active.

    Hope you are up and enjoying all of you activities real soon!!!!!!
  • amandarunning
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    I broke my leg in 2003 and was terrified about gaining weight as my 80 miles a week running meant I could eat well. I was able to swim though - initially with a pull buoy and then full stroke and just used my running determination and energy in the pool. Kept a much closer eye on my calories and actually lost weight as I didn't have the "oh I've done a long run so I can eat for England" mentality.

    Good luck and heal fast.
  • GaleHawkins
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    Hope you get better soon. Your story does drive home the point of how important it is to only use our eating lifestyle for weight lose/maintenance. We need to be as physical active as we desire but just not for weight control. Amandarunning's post is great as to finding other ways to stay physical while you heal.