trying to lose 60lbs need motivation

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Hello everyone I'm new nice to meet you all


  • Welcome!
  • Welcome!
    thank you

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    Welcome this is a great place !!
  • Yes I love the app I didn't know they had a community base in the app just found out lol
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    I just found out too and still learning to use it lol ...I'm looking to lose 50 pounds myself so far I have lost 6
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    Well my name is Cathy and anyone can Add me if you want. I am trying to lose at least 75pds
  • Hello trying to lose 50lbs max.. It's hard work motivation..
  • Hello trying to get some friends for that motivation that's so needed during this journey.
  • I'm looking for people's to help motivate me as well. I'm a soon to be 53 year old lady who is in need to lose 30 pounds. and I'm looking for friends to help motivate me as I motivate you