Do you eat your exercise calories?

I notice a lot of people don't. I'm trying not to but some days, I eat some of them because my sport is pretty intense and I figure my body knows best. What's your strategy and why?


  • ZiggySquish
    ZiggySquish Posts: 87 Member
    I personally try not to, but it depends on your activity level and type of sports you participate in.

    At this time I am only able to walk for fitness (recovering from a shoulder surgery) and just recently was able to burn 200 calories a day. I'm eating around 1200 cals per day, and because I am hardly active besides my walking, I feel it would be detrimental to my weight loss journey to eat back those burned cals. However, once I'm healed enough to where I can start lifting, and possibly jogging (bad knees) I would eat back my calories
  • CaliforniaRower
    CaliforniaRower Posts: 187 Member
    That makes sense. Thanks.