College student needs accountability



  • KatieLK14
    KatieLK14 Posts: 90 Member
    20 year old college student! Feel free to add me :)
  • HelenDichelle
    HelenDichelle Posts: 9 Member
    I'm a student at UNCC. If you're looking for someone for support feel free to add me. I'm looking for an accountability partner as well.

    That also goes to anyone else reading this. Feel free to add!

    Good luck sweetie. You've got this! ☺
  • fangurley
    fangurley Posts: 1 Member
    Hey, Im a 22yr old graphic design student trying to lose around 40-50lbs. Feel free to add me!
  • gimmedatfork
    gimmedatfork Posts: 19 Member
    I'm also a college student, 22 years old. I'm on a journey to lose 50lbs and I can use all the help I can get.

    Anyone can add me, I especially wanna have like-minded and similar aged people in my circle :)
  • gumdrops32
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    Hey guys! I'm 21 and am looking to lose around 35-40 lbs. My biggest flaw is my lack of motivation. I want to lose the weight so badly for both health and personal reasons. I always start but I never finish. Any help and guidance is appreciated. Let's do this and motivate each other to reach our goals :smile: Feel free to add me!
  • clairscare
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  • verair
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    Hey I'm a soon-to-be college student looking to lose about 70 lbs. I hoping to lose about 35 of that before classes start. Add me :)
  • syedumairtelecom
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    Hey i'm 22 i'm a university student you can add me feel fre to msg me , i can be motivational :-)
  • olivia_roland
    olivia_roland Posts: 17 Member
    I'm in the same boat! feel free to add :)