How to find my recent posts?

Luv2Munch Posts: 22 Member
Hi I'm on a few different teams and so sometimes want to find previous posts. Any ideas how to do that without going to each team main forum site and going through each post?


  • Robertus
    Robertus Posts: 558 Member
    In the middle of the screen, a little to the right is a "Search" link. Clicking the link takes you to a search screen. At the right end of the search box, is an arrow. Click on the arrow. Type your username in the "Author" box. Click on your name, which appears after you type it in. Hit the green Search button below or the green magnifying glass to the right. Below will be the threads you have posted in. Click the title of the thread and it will take you to your post.
  • shadow2soul
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    Another way:
    • click the bell icon on the top right side of the message boards
    • click "All Notifications" at the bottom of the pop up
    • on the new page find "replies" which will be about half way down the screen


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