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Activity Level?

Hello! I would like some opinions on what my activity level would be classified as to have a clearer picture of my TDEE. I own a BodyMedia link and it averages 2,500 calories a day (higher on weekdays, lower on weekends) I've been averaging 1800 calories consumed a day and my BodyMedia has estimated that I will lose 1.5-2.0 pounds a week based on the estimates. This is not happening. Very occasionally (Memorial Day weekend) I had to estimate what food I ate as we went to a lot of restuarants that did not provide nutritional information but 95% of time I weigh my food, count everything from soda, spray butter, cooking oils, gum, etc. When we go out I always try to go somewhere that provides nutritional information and not consume the entire plate in case of additional cooking oils/butters, extra portions, etc. When we get fast food I weigh the meal if the website provides grams per serving.

My Stats:
22 years old

Here is my activity details:

I have a desk job and probably walk 500 steps a day during working hours walking to the printer, to coworkers' desks, etc. (basically, not active)
I walk my two 15 minute breaks and my hour lunch

I get 10,000+ steps / 2 - 2 1/2 hours of moderate activity

I try to stay active but average 6,000 steps a day

I was running 3-4 times a week (3 miles each run)
i have now switched to strength training 4 times a week, 36 minutes each (You Are Your Own Gym program) I will probably fit in a 3 mile run once or twice a week.

MFP estimates that a highly active person burns 2,300 calories and I do not meet the description of that at all. I am starting to doubt that I burn 2,500 calories with my above activity.

Note about my diary:
I have my weight loss goal as moderate and Bodymedia adds any extra calories over 2,000 burned in one day to my activity. Please do not use net calories as a guide to my eating as this is not accurate with how my dairy and bodymedia interact.

Any help would be very appreciated.


  • TheStephil
    TheStephil Posts: 858 Member
    Also, I've been losing about 0.5lbs on average from January - May. Beginning of May i dropped a few pounds very fast (didn't change diet or exercise at all) but for the last three weeks I've stayed the same, occasionally higher weight but evening out to the same weight by weigh in day.