FINALLY lost 40lbs!!

cfischer81 Posts: 111 Member
OMG, Finally!!! The 1st 30 came off without TOO much work in 3 months. This 10lbs has taken 2 months all by itself and it was a lot harder. Whew, it sure does feel good! I definitely have to step up my game and keep moving forward.
Thanks to all the MFPs keeping me motivated with all their AMAZING success stories! I hope to be one of them by next year! :bigsmile:


  • Paul76
    Paul76 Posts: 158
    That is so awesome and so motivational. Excellent work, be proud!
  • LRogers2
    LRogers2 Posts: 15
    Congrats! Keep up the great work. I know how rewarding it feels and how you feel like a brand new person.
  • bksteve26
    bksteve26 Posts: 216 Member
    AWWWWWWW YEAH! Way to go! You should be soooooo proud of yourself. And you should also post some before and afters. Those are the best. hehe. Go reward yourself! Get yourself some new shoes, or a new water bottle, or a new HRM. Something to reward and promote your healthy lifestyle!
  • panther87
    panther87 Posts: 78 Member
    Way to go!:flowerforyou: Keep up the good work!
  • edinbors
    edinbors Posts: 112
    That is so awesome!! Congrats!
  • angebean
    angebean Posts: 195 Member
    Congratulations! 40lbs is a LOT of weight and a lot to celebrate.....what was your secret to losing the weight?
  • slcbrus
    slcbrus Posts: 79
    You already are a success story, 40lbs is a fantastic loss. Congratulations! Keep it up :smile:
  • Elokyn
    Elokyn Posts: 448 Member
    That's so exciting! Very inspiring!! Great job, and congratz!! :flowerforyou::smooched: :flowerforyou:
  • stevenkuni
    stevenkuni Posts: 23
    Way to go!!
  • jhoyett
    jhoyett Posts: 92 Member
    WOW! That is fabulous...41 lbs is my goal and it's taking a LOT longer than 3 months to get through my first 30. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I hope to be where you are before the end of the summer (or at least by the end of the year!).
  • ajswriter
    ajswriter Posts: 117 Member
    Excellent work! (And it IS work!)
  • cfischer81
    cfischer81 Posts: 111 Member
    Thanks so much everyone! I will have to find a "before" pic and take a current one soon. I see the number on the scale every week and I know all of my clothes are too big at this point but I don't think I'm SEEING it as much as everyone else is!
    'm really not doing anything special either....just working out (mostly eliptical, machines for strength training, and a cardio kick boxing class I'm trying to get to more often) and trying to eat right. I still have a long way to go with learning how to eat right and I often have not so good days. I'm just a regular person like everyone else trying to get the extra weight off!
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